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3D Visualisation and Modelling

Your clients are wowed by our ability to project your work; his dreams on a platform that real-time selection can be made to furniture and materials.

3D Printing

We print buildings, parts, terrain and almost anything with our 3D printers.

Design, Approval and Building

We project your desire to paper, get necessary building permits and create your edifice to perfection.

Project Management

We cater for your building project from inception to hand-over. Equipped with trained staff, we produce schedules that is strictly followed to achieve your desired goal.


We bring your desire to life with a walk through shown spatial arrangement and configuration.


We are also vast in stage 3 of the design process which is supervision, monitoring and reporting.

OFFICE ADDRESS: Suite 201-202, Bahamas Plaza, Plot 1080 Joseph Gomwalk Street, Gudu District, Abuja.

TEL NO: 08075800778, 08034732325.